Three simple steps to your own Living Review

  • 1. Choose Name

    Choose a name for your review. Register a new Living Review by mailing us at livingreview<at>, telling us your review topic and desired review name. We will provide you with a corresponding Living Review Link to setup and maintain your own review. Registration is free.

  • 2. Fill Living Review Table

    Enter your differentiation into a simple table. We provide a simple template here. See below for further details.

  • 3. Publish Your Living Review

    Export your table as CSV and upload it using your own Living Review Link. Your can update your Living Review instantly. Keep your Living Review up-to-date.

How to use the Living Review template

A Living Review can be created from two tables. For a better understanding, we provide you with the two tables used to create our example review. One table describes your own set of categories and tags. You can provide an acronym for each tag which will be used in our visualization. For an even better differentiation, you can also add a flat hierarchy by grouping your tags in classes. The second table describes your differentiation. Every line should contain a single publication. Add as many columns as needed to adapt your own set of categories. Fill the table cells with your chosen tags to describe the literature. Make sure to use a consistent case-sensitive writing. Export both tables as CSV files and upload them using your own Living Review Link. Check out your new Living Review.

Download our full template files: